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defMON wiki

This is the home of defMON — a music editor for the Commodore 64. There is no official support for the program, but on this wiki you will find some bits and pieces of information. Contributions to the site are encouraged. To get a username and password to this wiki, send a message to the author of defMON on CSDb or on Include the username you want and your email adress.

defMON related discussions take place in the defMON discussion thread at

If you enjoy defMON, please consider donating what you think it is worth! Click here to set up a small monthly donation. That will go a long way in supporting continued bug fixes of defMON as well as development of defMON II which is now in the making!

If you want to stay up to date with changes on this wiki, subscribe to the RSS feed.

The sequence editor (seqED) on the major part of the screen and the list of sequences (seqLIST) to the right: seqED and seqLIST

The sound editing table (the sidTAB), where all sounds are made: sidTAB

The disk menu: Disk menu

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