FAUCET project stats

How many people use FAUCET? This is a difficult question to answer; there’s no requirement that FAUCET users tell the maintainers. However, there are a few ways we can see how many people download FAUCET – since you can install FAUCET a few different ways. These counts are known to be missing some historical data […]

FAUCET stacking demonstration at JRES 2019

We are proud to present Open Source SDN using @faucetsdn and @alliedtelesis OpenFlow gear at JRES 2019. Come and see a live demo using our stackable SDN switches and wireless APs at our booth! #networksmarter #alliedtelesis #SDN #JRES2019 pic.twitter.com/iSzIK6C38f — Rahul (@rahul_gupta86) December 3, 2019 Great to see FAUCET stacking!

deny but mirror

FAUCET ACLs are great for locking things down. And it is possible to add FAUCET ACL rules, that count traffic and let it through (instead of counting and denying it). But sometimes that’s not enough – you want to deny the traffic, but you also want to see what it was. FAUCET’s ACL language lets […]

caching with docker-registry

Docker based systems are great, but if you live in New Zealand (and in rural New Zealand, like I do), repeated docker pulls to the Internet can be a little painful. Fortunately you can configure docker-registry to locally cache. First install docker-registry and configure it as a proxy. # apt-get install docker-registry # vi /etc/docker/registry/config.yml […]