FAUCET at Sandia National Laboratories: Multivendor FAUCET Implementation for Cloud Development.

Tim Toole – Sandia National Laboratories Given prior successes at SC18, a group at Sandia transitioned a small lab from using traditional switching and routing to near-100% OpenFlow 1.3 architecture using FAUCET. This talk discusses our use case, goals, and our journey from operating a traditional network to managing a multivendor SDN environment with FAUCET. […]

Injecting services into the dataplane with coprocessing

With the coprocessor feature, FAUCET allows an external NFV host to receive packets from the dataplane, inject arbitrary packets, or both. In particular, coprocessing allows you to inject services into the dataplane, or even override services on hosts already present. In this example, we have a real host (a router) which has an ssh […]

FAUCET PlugFest 2019 topology

This year we’ll be combining high availability (in the form of multiple controllers, and switches with multiple redundant links), 802.1X authentication, and distributed monitoring. You can find out more and follow developers on the PlugFest announcement list. We’ll also be using a C64 with Ethernet interface as a test client – because as everyone knows, […]